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The bank mainly performs all banking work and investment through three main activities: Retail banking, Corporate banking and investments services through branches network of 27 branches distributed between the governorates of the Republic.

Retail services to individuals:

Group of banking services to individuals continue concentration on developing banking services and products .The bank has offered prepaid ATM cards which help customers minimize cash use .The bank also continues expanding its ATM network to spread geographically and support developing this service.
In 2009 the bank was the first among the Yemeni banking sector to link its ATM network with Yemen Financial Services which helps its customers to use the National Switch for automatic changing and withdrawing from ATMs by other banks linked with the network.
On loans products, the bank confirmed to offer its competitive options for personal loans and car loans .The bank also put the real estate product to match with the strong growth of real estate sector in our country, aiming to help a wider section of people to own homes and housing units. The bank also reinforced a program to finance electronic apparatuses, computer units and others through attractive terms, such products have contributed in notable increase in the personal loans portfolio during the year.
During the year 2010 and in the framework of the strategy which aims at expanding customer base and attracting new category of customers, NBY would continue developing a group of banking products and services for individuals, and introducing new products and services with added features and characteristics, depending on study of actual customers’ needs fulfilling them through introducing a specialized department in the new organizational structure of the bank, working on developing new modern services and products that meet the actual needs of different segments of customers .In addition to developing and improving services delivery channels with modern and developed manners, through completing and operating the new information technology system able to raise with services level, and gaining customer satisfaction. The bank also gives concern to motivate its employees to give more effort to keep up with advanced technical standard in performing operations and continue raising the level of banking retail products.

Corporate Banking Services:

The corporate banking services consist of offering services trading, industrial and financial companies .Such activities require offering special needs and significant services represented in building relations with customers, through providing experience and important services offering significant banking services and products compared to competitors besides concentrating on big customers through private-bank service (offered currently by branch managers, together with branches department head or credit department head) in order to satisfy respect and appreciation and self achievement to this segment of customers.
With the aim of acquiring bigger portion of this activity and expand our market portion the bank would continue offering an integral group of banking services, finance all activities and commercial and industrial projects to fulfill the needs of such segment of customers and enforce the bank’s pioneer role in a number of banking activities .The new organizational structure of the bank includes establishment of specialized departments organizing treasury and the centralization of risks, credit, investment and bank-marketing management with an aim of achieving specific innovation in customer-relation management.

Treasury and investment management:

During the year 2009, treasury and investment department continued concentration on the bank’s customers, taking care of them and their interests through offering high level services, in addition to developing its services and diversity its investments to achieve excellent returns from internal and external investment .The Treasury and Investment department works actively in the field of liquidity management according to approved polices and directives of the Assets and Liabilities Committee .The bank management took practical steps to develop the treasury investment operations, offering significant services to customers in future, through establishment of a treasury and investment department in the new organizational structure of the bank, obtaining assistance from an international consulting firm as part of its responsibilities to modernize policies, procedures and manuals relating to treasury and investment to conform with the new organization of the bank.




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