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Dear Valuable customer,

We have the pleasure to provide you with some information about the “National Bank Of Yemen, NBY” and the services it offers through its local network and worldwide correspondents.

We seek to improve our banking services in order to keep pace with the latest innovations in the international banking industry, and make the right financial choices.

Our concern is your trust in our bank.

Our Vision:

We in the national bank of Yemen , have determined to fulfill all our customers' needs and to be pioneer in providing innovated banking
services and products depending on best and modernized banking services techniques in order to be the first choice to customers and become the distinct bank in Yemen.

Our Mission:

The bank is obliged to achieve quality in services and products according to international quality standards, to meet customers needs and achieve
objectives and expectations of all those concerned with the interests of the bank, in the framework of comprehensive benefits of society and Yemen economy.

Our Strategeic Objectives:
  1. Attract deposits and funds from resident and non resident corporations and individuals and working to achieve continued
    growth rates to ensure the necessary financial resources for the bank's operations in financing and investment.
  2. Investing financial resources available in the bank in a way that realizes reasonable returns compared to risks resulting from operations in financing and investment.
  3. Realizing remunerative returns to shareholders exceeding opportunity cost of funds invested in the bank.
  4. Offering necessary financial, banking and investment services to meet corporate and individual customer needs with the highest
    quality possible in a wide geographic area.
  5. Attract and develop the necessary human resources to execute main and assisting bank operations in order to find the suitable
    organizational environment and climate to stimulate and increase productivity and qualification of employees in offering the
    banking, financial and investment services.
  6. Achieving increasable growth rates in the human resources of the bank
NBY Anniverssary
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