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The delegation of the National Bank of Yemen under the hospitality of Major. Ahmed Saeed Bin Briek, Governor of Hadramout Governorate.

محافظ حضرموت يشيد بدور البنك الاهلي في توفير السيولة النقدية

The Prime Minister's Decree No (7) for 2017
Appointing new Chairman of NBY Board of Directors  

Dr. Ahmed Ali Omer Bin Sanker was appointed as General Manager of the National Bank Of Yemen, as per the Prime Minister's Decree No. (7) for 2017.

The Prime Minister's Decree No (6) for 2017
Appointing new Chairman of NBY Board of Directors  

Mr. Esam Ahmed Alawi Al-Sakkaf was appointed as the Consultant of the Chairman of Board of Directors, as per the Prime Minister's Decree No. (6) for 2017.

Appointing new Chairman of the Board of Directors of NBY
Appointing new Chairman of NBY Board of Directors  

Dr. Mohamed Husain Halboob was appointed as a Chairman of the Board of Directors, and appointing Mr. Sami Abd Al-Hamed Mackawee as his Deputy Chairman of National Bank of Yemen on 28 Januery 2017 as per the Republican Decree No. (12) for 2017 issued by H.E. the President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Appointing new Chairman of the Board of Directors of NBY
Appointing new Chairman of NBY Board of Directors  

Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Muqbel Al A'ameri was appointed as a Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Bank of Yemen on 06 August 2012 as per the republican Decree No. (105) for 2012 issued by H.E. the President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

NBY Foriegn Activities
News   13.07.2011

Our Foriegn Relations Dept. Manager Ms. Sakina A. Mahammed met Mr. Marcos Krepal Senior Relationship Manager ME Commerzbank Dubai. Meeting held in Commerzbank office Dubai on July 13, 2011. The meeting was very prosperous, they discuss long standing mutual relations and they confirm their support to National Bank of Yemen considering us as their partners in business.

NBY FR Manager also met Mr. Moosa Kaleem Al-Falahi Vice President head office of Financial Institution Treasury, Mr. Murtaza Khan Manager FI credit operation Financial Institution, Saddad Jacoob Manager Capital Markets & FI.
National bank of Yemen maintain in very good relations with Noor Bank Dubai which have several islamic investements with us, and NBY considers Noor Islamic Bank as good partner for islamic investement opportunities in various islamic instruments.

The Board of Directors Approves the Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year ending December 31, 2010
News   10.05.2011

The Board of Directors of the National Bank of Yemen held its annual meeting on Tuesday corresponding to 10th May, 2010 in the presence of all of its members and the participation of the executive directors of the Bank to approve the financial statements of the Bank for the financial year ending on 31 December 2010, and the hearing of the report of the independent auditor/Messrs Dahman and his partners RSM for such statements.

The meeting started with a speech  delivered by Brother Esam Ahmed Alawi Al-Sakkaf, Director General, on behalf of brother acting chairman of the Board of Directors in which he indicated the distinction of the year 2010 due to the multiple achievements made in 2010, of which the NBY is proud to realize, the most important of these achievements is the maintaining of the quality of its assets and their strength and the increase of the owners' equity which led to the raising of the capital adequacy ratio to become one of the best bank in the world with such capital adequacy, and consolidate the financial strength of the Bank and to achieve high levels of credit rating, whereas the Bank's assets increased by 3.6% and the balances of domestic investment by 9.6% and owners' equity have grown up by 12.4 higher than 2009. The Bank also maintained a high proportion of the Capital adequacy of 67% compared with the requirements of the Central Bank of Yemen and the requirements of Basal Committee amounting to 8%.

International Symposium
News   25.04.2011

NBY will participate in the International Symposium titeled " Auti-Money laundring and financing of terrorism" , wich will be held in Koral Beach Hotel in Beirut-Lebanon for the period from 27th to 18th April 2011.
NBY will be represented by Mr.Saber Saeed Abdo AL-Shormani-staff of the International dubit dept ,Member of group of certified compliance officers.

Training Courses Worldwide
News   18.04.2011
  • NBY participated in seminar by "Turkiya is Bankasi" titled "Commercial Transactions & Public Relations" held in Istanbul - Turkia (11 - 15 April 2011) represented by Mrs. Nadia Ali Mohammed - FR Dept., NBY.
  • NBY participated in a training course held by SWIFT titled "Changing SWIFT system" located in Dubai - UAE (17 - 22 April 2011) represented by Mr. Ziad Basinad & Mr. Hani Al Fadhli from IT Dept., NBY.

  • NBY Training Courses
    News   12.04.2011
  • A training course titled "Analysis & Validation of Bank's Work" held in Banking Studies Training Center - Sana'a (2-6 April 2011), NBY was represented by one of his staff from Statistics & Research Dept.
  • An Activative training course titled "Rehursing & Explanation of NBY Credit Policy" held in NBY Training Center - Aden (2-6 April 2011), participated by staff working on loans and overdraft facilities from different branches.

  • Change in NBY Management

    According to decree No. 120 and 121, dated 22 February 2011, from Hon. Minister of Finance that Mr. Ahmed Obaid Al Fadhli, Deputy Minister of Finance has been deputed as Chairman of National Bank of Yemen and Mr. Esam Alawi Al Sakkaf deputed as General Manager of National Bank of Yemen respectively, Replacing Mr. Adbul Rahman Mohamed Al-Kuhali, Chairman and General Manager.

    Meeting with Commerzbank - Dubai

    A meeting held in National Bank of Yemen, Sana'a Branch, headed by Mrs. Sakina A. Mohammed - Manager Foreign Relations Dept., Mr. Talal Al Kohali - Manager Chairman Office and Mr. Omar Al Shaiba - Manager Sana'a Branch met Mr. Marcos Krepel - Senior Relations Manager, Commerzbank - Dubai, on 31/1/2011 to discuss matual relations between two banks, and it's enhencement for multi benefits. Mr Marcos assured that Commerzbank has marked presence in Yemen and very good relations with all Yemeni banks.

    Capital Intelligence affiremed NBY ratings

    Capital Intelligence (CI), the International credit rating agency, on December, 2010 affiremed the rating of National Bank of Yemen. Soverign Long-term (B), short-term (B), Outlook is Stable.
    Foreign Currency Long-term rating is (B), short-term rating (B) and the Outlook is also Stable, while the Financial Strength rating is BB which is the highest in the Yemen.

    Kuwait win the 20th Arabian Gulf Cup
    Gulf 20  

    KUWAIT'S national soccer team defeated arch rivals Saudi Arabia 1-0 last night and lifted their 10th Gulf Cup in front of a record-breaking crowd at 22 May Stadium in Aden, Yemen.


    The 20th Arabian Gulf Cup
    Gulf 20  

    The tournaments of the Gulf 20 Cup are to kick off today in the 22nd of May Stadium in Aden. Yemen is to face Saudi Arabia in the opening match folloswing the opening ceremony and artistic carnival at 7 pm. The second match will be between Kuwait and Qatar at 10 pm.


    Financial Symposium in Mukalla

    NBY held a Financial Symposium for the 20th Anniversary of Yemen Unity and Labours Day. NBY Chairman Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Kohali honer some of branches employees with the present of Mukalla's Governer Mr, Salem Al Khanbashi in Holiday Inn - Mukalla.


    Labours Day

    On the occasion of Laburs Day and the 20th Anniversary of Yemeni unity, NBY is helding a Financial Symposium in Mukalla - Hadramout from 18-19 May 2010 under the Slogen "Our strength is in our Unity".


    Board annual meeting
    04.03.2010   Board of Directors hold its regular third year annual meeting headed by the NBY General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Kuhaly on Thursday March 4th, 2010.

    Financial Symposium for the 40th Anniversary

    NBY held a Financial Symposium for the 40th Anniversary for the etablishment of the bank in Mercure Hotel from 12 - 14 Dec. 2009.


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